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Jesus says in the Bible that God knows all about the sparrows, and that if He knows about the sparrows, think of how much He knows about you. (Matthew 10:29-31; Luke 12:6-7) As a side note, I notice Jesus said this after talking about who you should and should not fear, and before talking about confessing the Son of God.

Jesus said that five sparrows were sold for two farthings, which equal about two cents. When Jesus said we are of more value than many sparrows, He was not just talking about a lot of sparrows but of how important you are to God. Really you can’t put monetary value on a life, but God through His actions said that your life is worth His Son’s life. Jesus said that you are that important

God loves you enough to give His Son for you, and His Son willingly went with this plan. God loves you so much that He knows exactly how many hairs are on your head. If He knows that, just think about how much He knows your thoughts and the deepest desires of your heart. Just think of how much good He wants and has planned for you!