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After being born, all of my hospital visits have been to visit someone who needed to be there for a while. Except yesterday I was on the other side of it; I was the one who needed to be there. The problem I went in for had already resolved itself, and I was being kept for observation to be sure no complications arose. It was nice to have someone come visit me, and an interesting experience to be on that side of things.

Don’t worry! I’m fine now, I just have to take things very easy and much slower than I’d like for a few days to be sure I recover properly.

Thanks to having two churches praying for me, I was leaving the hospital by mid-afternoon on the same day, and was able to make it to evening service at my church. I told my Dad I should have two churches pray for me more often! Since I’m supposed to take things easily and slowly, however, I wasn’t able to go to orchestra practice or play piano for evening service. If you know me you’ll know how difficult that was. But I did still get to enjoy the “other side” of the music portion of the worship as I sang.

While I find my suboptimal functioning to be irritating, I am aware that there’s always something to learn from things that slow you down for a while and put you on the other side of life experiences. God uses things like this to make me more understanding towards others. Sometimes God uses these things to humble me, reminding me that it’s okay to slow down and it’s okay for people to help me.

If you find yourself on the other side of things, it’s okay. God has a plan, and you’ll learn if you let Him teach you.