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Sometimes we forget that we are each a whole being, in one piece. We talk about our different aspects as if they are different pieces so that we can understand them better, but sometimes we forget that everything all works and fits together. God created you with a soul, a spirit, and a body. You are a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual being. What you do with one aspect or piece of you will affect all the others.

If you don’t take care of your body, it begins to have an affect on your emotions and mind. If you body doesn’t feel good, you don’t feel good. As for me, I can get grumpy when my body is sick or hurt.

If you don’t take care of your emotions and your mind, your body reacts chemically. Your body physically responds to your mood and thoughts. If you care to look it up, you can study how your brain will physically wire itself depending on your positive or negative thoughts. Check it out – it’s interesting to see how much you can actually affect your own neuroplasticity.

If you don’t take care of your spirit, your entire being will suffer. You were designed to be in a loving relationship with your Creator. God loves you and wants you to love Him. He is perfect, but we are not. So we need His help when it comes to our spirits. Without God’s mercy, we are spiritually dead. But with God’s mercy, we are spiritually alive and will never die!

God designed us each to be one whole being. You are one seamless woven piece. We have different “pieces,” or aspects, but they all work together because we are each made to be one whole being. None of this exists without God. None of this works without God. We have many needs, but of all the needs we have, if we don’t go to God to meet them and hold them all together, we will never feel like a whole being.

Every piece or aspect of you is only part of a whole. Don’t treat just one thing if it interconnects with another. Let God help you to be a whole being. He created each aspect and “part,” so why wouldn’t He be able to shape you into who you are?