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Happy New Year, everyone! I would just like to praise God for all that He’s done for me last year and all that He will be doing this year.

God has helped me to know His voice better. God has helped me to know His love better. Through my experiences with others, God has shown me more about what it means to trust Him. God has taught me some new, personal things, and He’s shown me more about things I’ve known for years. God has taught me about other people. He’s taught me about myself. Most importantly He has taught me about Himself, and that is what really gets to me. It’s not that I didn’t know or believe what God has said about Himself. I have however learned more about what I believe.

That brings me into the coming year. With experience behind me, it is easier to go forward. I’ve been through this with God, I know it will be fine. But what about new experiences? What about things that I’ve never been through with God? He’ll bring me through those, too! God is good all the time and He loves all the time. No matter what happens, God will be right there with me. Whatever the new year brings, good or bad, it will all be okay and all for my good God’s glory!