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Origami is the art of folding paper into different figures and shapes. The folding processes have a broad range of simplicity to complexity. You can make a single figure out of one piece of paper, or you can make a single figure out of many pieces. But regardless of what figure or shape you are making, it requires creases and folds.

Some origami figures are made with each crease directly relating to the final product. Other figures require folding and then unfolding to make the paper pliable in certain directions before the final product may be completed and seen. Either way, the sharper the crease, the more the origami model will hold its shape.

As I look at all of this, origami reminds me of life.

As we walk through life, God will fold us in different ways to make us into the shape He has in mind. Sometimes the folding is simple and direct. Sometimes it requires creasing, unfolding, and then refolding. Sometimes we are a part in a larger origami figure requiring many pieces. Sometimes the folds are soft. Sometimes they are sharp creases.

Being folded and creased is not fun. But it makes us into something more than what we were. Just for thought, how pliable of a piece of paper are you in God’s hands? What wondrous thing is He making you?