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God is not bound by time. He created it and controls it. He stands outside of its parentheses. Time does not hold God, God holds time.

But we are bound by time. We count time down to fractions of seconds. We go between feeling like we have too much time and feeling like there isn’t enough. Everything we do takes time, and time passes even if we do nothing.

Because we have an entirely different perspective from God, we don’t know what’s coming. We don’t know the battles that are coming. We don’t know the defeats and we don’t know the victories.

But God knows.

You may be going through a particularly painful part of life right now, but remember that God will give you what you need and take away what you don’t, all at the perfect time. You may feel like you need Him to do it now, or that you really needed it yesterday, but God sees what you don’t.

God is not dawdling, and He is not in a hurry.

God knows the perfect time.

Because God is outside of and unbound by time.