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Sometimes it helps to think of the universe like a box. So far we don’t know how big the box is, but it is filled with all sorts of wonderful, mysterious, terrifying, beautiful things to observe and enjoy!

If you have a box then you know there is both an inside and an outside, otherwise you can’t have a box. So if we think of the universe like a box and we are inside it, what’s outside the box? And besides asking what, there must be someone outside, otherwise who made the box and put all this stuff (including us) inside it?

Now we need to think outside the box in the biggest way possible.

God is outside of the “box.” God made the box of creation in which we live. He created all the things inside it, and authored all the natural laws that make these things work. Since He made all of it, He actually has the prerogative to reach inside the box at any time and place, move, remove, or rearrange anything inside it.

So He does. He has always reached into the box. He has been involved with people since the beginning of our placement in the box. He really mixed up the box when He sent Jesus! To this day He shows us that He is there and that He loves us by moving things around in the box. He gives miracles. He protects people. He answers prayers. He speaks to us.

This all means that the next time you have a big problem or concern, you should think outside the box!