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God is omnipresent, and if you are a child of His then He is not only next to you, He is inside you. God is not a long distance God; He literally lives with you! But sometimes we don’t even acknowledge God is there as we walk through our day. We don’t even acknowledge that we are living on His turf, His creation. We treat Him as if He is as important as the sofa in the living room: nice for sitting if you want, but otherwise you may not even stop and say, “What a nice couch.”

We need to remember that God is a person and has created us to be persons. This way we can all have personal relationships with each other. When you have a relationship with someone, you have common ground, you talk with each other, you communicate. Sometimes you don’t even have to talk, you just sit with each other.

God is a person. You are a person. You can both talk with each other. You can sit and spend time with each other. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a friendship with each other.