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We know about the first Christmas when Jesus came. But sometimes I’ve heard the story so much that I forget how powerful it is. Sometimes the story is just words. Pleasant words, good words, helpful words, comforting words, yes. But sometimes I become partially blind and deaf to the power of them all put together, the power of the words telling me of something that actually happened!

Jesus stepped down from His throne in Heaven. He gave up Heaven and restricted Himself! He became like us without losing His deity. He started as an infant and lived here for about 30 years! He lived the perfect life required to be a sacrifice to save us from our sins. And then God Himself died! No, read it again. The immortal Son of God died. But because He is immortal God, He didn’t stay dead. He rose again, completing this act of love! Then He returned to His rightful place in Heaven.

Do I fully grasp this? Do I fully realize the magnitude of what Jesus did? Immortal God Himself came down to live with mortals and save us from our sins, all because He loves us!