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Ah, the unknown. We can get excited about it and look forward to new possibilities! But when we don’t know for sure if something is going to be good or be bad, we can also get defensive,  avoidant, or even outright hostile to moving beyond what we know. The unknown can be terrifying.

I don’t know the future. I don’t know just how much change is happening right now as I type. I don’t know how a lot of things work. I don’t know how a lot of things are going to continue to work, or even if they will continue at all. I don’t know what all is happening to the world right now, hidden behind the scenes. Sometimes I don’t know what to do specifically about certain sins in my life. Sometimes I don’t know what to say to people when they’re hurting, or if I should say anything at all. Sometimes I don’t know what choice to make at a life crossroad. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the lady I look after. I don’t know why she has dementia and why God hasn’t healed her.

So much is unknown. Can I even have perspective on something I can’t see?

Yes, I can. Even if I can’t see what’s going on, I can have a healthy view on how to respond and react, because God knows the unknown, and I know God. I can trust my unknowns to the known God who knows all.

God sees the past, present, and future all at once. He sees every detail all at once, and how the details all weave together affecting history and each individual life. God sees my heart and yours, knowing every secret, good and bad. God knows what’s going on everywhere at all times, and He knows where and how you and I fit into all of it. (Psalm 139:1-18; Proverbs 15:3; Isaiah 46:9-10; Romans 11:33-36)

We can trust our unknowns to the known God who knows all.