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I wrote this right after the first part of the ladies’ Bible study at my church. I have some stuff I learned that I want to share! The study is called “The Armor of God,” by Priscilla Shirer.

In the first part of the ladies’ Bible study, I was reminded of something that I like to think about when I think of the armor of God. There are not six pieces; there are seven.

In Ephesians 6:10-20, you have the helmet, the breastplate, the belt, the shoes, the sword, the shield… and prayer. All the other pieces of armor are not activated and have no use if you do not pray. You must access God’s power in heavenly places if you are to fight against invisible evil in heavenly places.

Also, I stated in my previous post that we have God’s armor. While I was typing that, I was on the right track, but I hadn’t really thought of it exactly like this: We literally have God’s armor. Take a look at Isaiah 59, particularly in verses 17 and 18. God has used this armor. It works. Forget Roman soldier armor! We actually have God’s armor!

As I look at the list of equipment and enemies in Ephesians 6, I am reminded how much I love metaphors and parallels. A lot of the time I need a physical picture to understand an abstract concept. This is great for me. We as believers are all fighting in an invisible, spiritual war. Because the enemy is invisible and the war is spiritual, physical armor and weapons don’t work. But physical armor and weapons can be used to represent the invisible, spiritual ones.

For example: I love swords – to the point that I joke about having a problem. I like to spar with and handle swords or sword-like weapons. But in order to do that well, I must know my weapon. I need to be used to the feel of it, and I need to know how to use it. The same applies to my use of the Bible. I need to have a feel for it. I need to know what is in it and how to use it.

But I also need to remember that I have a Commander. He is stronger than I am. He teaches me what to do and how to do it. He gives the orders, I follow them. I only have this equipment because He gave it to me. I only know how to use it because He is teaching me. I am only allowed to use it for His glory because He is the One who deserves it.

Oh, here is one other thought that just hit me! You are wearing God’s armor. Do you represent Him well?