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When I took piano lessons as a child, I learned a few things about learning and how they apply to life in general.

Sometimes you just have to keep doing something over and over. Sometimes you need to stop doing it over and over for a while and come back to it. Sometimes you need to do something very slowly and know it’s workings before you try doing it faster. Sometimes you need to practice and be good at parts of it separately before you put them all together.

Sometimes the hardest parts were: Learning takes time, you need to practice the things you aren’t as good at, and sometimes you need to go back to the basics again before trying something more advanced.

In short, you’re not going to be good at everything right away, even if you do have a knack for it. You need to discipline yourself to practice and do the boring parts or the parts you’re not as good at, not just the fun parts that you are good at. If you have the basics down well and revisit them frequently, it will make you better at the advanced. Practice makes permanent, so be sure you’re practicing correctly or you’ll have to unlearn the wrong way before learning the correct way.