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It’s past the time of year that people usually give up on their New Year’s resolutions. But just because you give up on something doesn’t mean that you can’t ever pick it up again. Just because you failed or messed up doesn’t mean that you can’t try again.

It may not even be a New Year’s resolution. It may just be something new you tried to do, or something you’ve been trying not to do. It could be something else entirely. Whatever it is that you gave up on, failed at, or messed up with, you can try again. You are allowed to try again. Sometimes you don’t even have to wait until another set time, you can just get up and try again right now.

So you dropped the ball. Just pick it back up.

So you fell off the horse. Get back on.

Even if you messed up to the point where you feel like you have directly offended God, you can talk to God about it and He says you can try again. God is loving and forgiving. God gives second, third, fourth – so many chances! He stands outside of time. He’s not surprised by anything. God knows we’re not perfect, so He forgives us when we go to Him with our mistakes and failures.

You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. But God is perfect, and He gives us the strength we need to succeed in whatever He calls us to do.

So get up and try again right now.