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Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you should get over the whole reason for celebrating in the first place. Christmas leads to Easter, so focus on the goodness of God and let this bring you into the New Year with some good perspective.

I was about to continue and type something about, “So what are your plans for the new year?” But then I thought about it. Why not ask what God’s plan for the new year is? After all, He’s the one who knows what’s going to happen and what you’re best suited to do. While He likely won’t tell you all of it at once, keep listening to Him as life continues and you’ll find a lot of plans that you didn’t expect. Not only unexpected plans, but they are also good plans – even when they don’t seem good in the beginning or middle. God has plans and goals for you, and better ones than you can think of! But God does give you a choice in this. Are you willing to participate?

In light of what God has done for us, from Christmas to Easter and all our personal years of experience, let’s go into the New Year more willing to heed and obey when God calls and commands.