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This is one of my few “better late than never” blog posts. It is the day after Missions Conference at my church, and we cleaned up after it this morning. Believe it or not, that was fun.

But let’s talk about the conference itself. Was it tiring? Physically, yes. But spiritually it is so refreshing! It is great to see a bunch of pastors, youth pastors, missionaries, and other servants of the Lord getting together to connect, fellowship, and worship! It feels good to see people having a good time meeting and re-meeting each other, and to hear them talk about how God is working in their lives and ministries! It is also fun to take care of their children so they can enjoy some time to themselves!

It is less fun when you have to say goodbye and see you later, but you know you’ll see them again sometime. And with the magic of the Internet, you can still chat with them!

All together, it was a good week. It seemed so long and yet so short at the same time. But before you know it, it will be Christmas, and then Conference again next year!