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Winter power outages can be fun, depending on how you look at them. You get cold and it’s dark at night, but you get to use fire and talk with people who might otherwise have been on the computer or phone! Power outage is why the blog is today instead of yesterday. Power is still intermittently out, and is out as I type, but through the benefits of technology I have been able to use my phone to connect and write.

Having no power when it’s below freezing outside really makes you thankful for electricity, but it also gives you an appreciation for fire, fireplaces, and gas stoves. It also gives you an appreciation for company and brings people together, even if it’s because there’s nothing else to do.

It pointed out how much time I spend doing other things when I could spend that time with God. Since I couldn’t use any electronics I did some memory verses and talked with God instead. I felt a little guilty that this is what it took for me to sit and talk with Him for no particular reason.

Later on I asked for the power to be back at least before bedtime, and whether it did or not I asked for us to be warm and safe. And we did stay warm and safe. We were able to cook a hot dinner and enjoy some hot chocolate. It didn’t get below 58F in the house. We had plenty of blankets, and we had enough flashlights and candles to see by. Power did come back at bedtime, just for an hour. Then it came back in the wee hours of the morning to turn off again at 8:00. I think both of those were just enough and have thanked God for them.

Alongside being thankful, I have noted that even though our power systems can’t really handle all the use they’ve been getting lately, God’s power never runs out or fails, and He never has to turn off power in one place to keep it on in another. God will always give you what you need, even if it’s not quite like you thought it should be. Is He well able to give us more? Yes, but sometimes it’s better for us to do with less so we learn an important lesson.