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So I haven’t posted a blog all week. I’ve been with a group in Mexico visiting a children’s home that my church sponsors/supports. This children’s home takes in abandoned, neglected, and abused children, loving them, taking care of their needs, and telling them about Jesus. I’m still processing the trip and am figuring out how much detail to go into out of respect for others’ privacy, so I’ll have to tell you more in a later blog. For now here are some first impressions.

I first noticed how well behaved the children are, and how they all look after each other. The older ones help take care of the younger ones, and they all help each other. The adults caring for them don’t have to rush around like frantic mother hens. They all love each other very much. No one gets left out. They’re all family.

I then noticed how well adjusted the children are for what they’ve been through, and how much Jesus has healed and is healing them. I don’t know every child’s story, but a few of them shared with us their backgrounds. Some of the children were neglected, being left for days or weeks on end with no food. Some of the children were horribly abused by their own family members. Though it is a miracle in itself that these children made it to the home and are fed, clothed, and educated, they told us the most important thing the home gave them was Jesus.