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“God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard of giving.” – Randy Alcorn

This quote is what sparked the post for today. We Christians often forget that we’re stewards of God’s resources, and He’s the one who gets to tell us how to use them. Yes, we get to use what God has given us, but sometimes we gloss over the instructions He sends with it.

God loves to bless people, and will often use us to do it. While we should certainly be willing to give no matter what, don’t think you won’t get to enjoy whatever God sends your way; He set it up so we are blessed by blessing others! But if you regularly stop the resources with you instead of letting them flow through, then why should God give you more?

The next time each of us is blessed with more than we need, let’s take a moment to confer with God on how He wants it used. You never know the wondrous things God has in mind unless you ask and do as He says!

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