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Suppose you had a house that you built yourself. You built all the things inside it, too. You then put all these things exactly where you wanted them and in the best position for their designed use.

But then suppose that the things you built could actually move themselves (and that this is normal). You have put these things exactly where they are supposed to be, but some of them don’t stay in their places. How frustrating would that be?

The dishwasher doesn’t want to sit by the sink. It doesn’t even want to perform its intended purpose.

The sofa wants to sit in a dusty corner of the attic where it won’t be used.

The painting in the hallway has moved above the fireplace. It wants a place of prominence. It thinks it looks better there, even though it doesn’t.

The welcome mat has moved to the middle of the kitchen. It thinks it is more useful there, but people keep tripping on it.

The laundry basket, washer, and dryer are not getting along. They refuse to help each other or even be near each other.

So how do you think God feels when we, His children, don’t stay where He puts us and don’t do what we were designed to do?

Obviously this allegory has a lot of holes in it that don’t relate to God and us in real life (for example, God has control over us yet lets us make our own decisions, but we wouldn’t have much control over a house full of animate objects). But please take the point that I’m trying to get across: God has designed each of us for a special purpose for His glory, and He has put us in the exact place that He wants us for that purpose.

Don’t go where it is difficult for you to perform your purpose. Don’t refuse your purpose. Don’t go where you won’t be used. Don’t go where you shouldn’t go. Don’t go somewhere and cause problems. Get along with those that God has placed with you to work together on a purpose.

God has made you for a special purpose. You have something that you are uniquely qualified and gifted to do. It is for God’s glory, and He is the authority. When God puts you in a place, stay there and work for His glory.