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Yesterday I was thinking about how puzzle pieces relate to life, and then I thought about when I was little and used to put puzzles together with my grandma. They weren’t little kid puzzles though, they had 100 pieces so I really had to pay attention to the picture on the box and the subtle shapes of the pieces.

Sometimes you can think of yourself as a puzzle piece. You have a specific place where you fit perfectly, even if you aren’t there yet.

You can try to fit a puzzle piece where it doesn’t belong and get it to stay, but it’s not good for that piece or the pieces around it. It also doesn’t contribute to the big picture like it’s supposed to.

A puzzle piece might be able to see the big picture on the box nearby, and it may even see where it’s supposed to go, but it can’t get there without help.

A puzzle piece is not the one who made the puzzle, and it is not the one putting it together.

You are not the only puzzle piece in the box.