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Whenever my family is in a car together and whoever is driving takes a wrong or different turn that makes the trip a little longer, we call it “quality family time.” We kids experienced that several times when we were young, and since all of us have gotten older, sometimes we take different turns on purpose to spend quality time with people.

It is important to spend not just time with those you love, but quality time. It needs to mean something and be purposeful. That doesn’t mean you have to always go out and do grand or exciting things, it just means you spend time together simply because you love each other. You can be sitting doing nothing together and have quality time.

Why is it important? Because spending time with someone is good for everyone involved, including you. It helps you get to know each other better and express your love and care for each other. Time is the one thing you can’t save and must spend regardless of what you’re doing, so if you make a point of spending it with certain people, it has significance.

Even if you’re tired, it is good to spend quality time with people you love. You won’t always have time later. If you don’t make time, you likely won’t find it. Again, you don’t always have to do big things. As a matter of fact, many of the most significant memories and feelings we have are from the little moments in life.