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Sometimes I wonder what it must have been like for Joseph and Mary to raise Jesus. What do you teach the Son of God? He created everything and knows all the laws of physics and science that humans haven’t figured out yet, and He was being raised by a carpenter and his wife.

Jesus became human, but still remained fully God. But like my pastor says, I have no problem with the deity of Jesus; I have a problem with His humanity. Jesus had a body, so He ate, slept, had pains, cried, laughed, and went to the bathroom. Which means Joseph and Mary taught the Son of God how to walk and talk. Joseph and Mary taught the Son of God how to feed and dress Himself. Joseph and Mary potty trained the Son of God. I wonder what they talked about when they had Bible lessons…

Having the perfect, sinless Son of God as your first child must have been intimidating sometimes. On the bright side, you can’t mess up too badly. But after having the perfect first child, it is very different when you have more children who are not the Son of God.

“Why can’t you be more like Jesus?”

“Because I’m not the Son of God, Mom!

“Jesus, how many hairs are on my head today? I think I’m losing them.”

Much of this is speculation, of course. Some of it is humorous, but this is also a very serious thing. The Son of God loved us so much that He left Heaven to come into the mud with us. Jesus came into the dirt so that He could relate to us, and save us the way God had planned before anything went wrong.

If that isn’t the best Christmas gift ever, then what is?