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I find it utterly fascinating that the same situation that makes a hero can also make a villain. The same set of circumstances that makes someone better, can make another person bitter. Someone can trust others again, someone can cut themselves off from others. Someone can learn how to keep loving, and someone can learn to hate.

Since the same situation was given to both kinds of people, the only difference is their response. How you react and respond to a situation will determine what comes out of it. You may not have asked for the circumstances, but they do not control you – you control you. You get to decide what you learn. You get to decide who you will become because of what happened.

That’s a heavy decision.

You need to get it right.

Since you can’t see outside of your circumstances, you will have a difficult time making the right decision. But God sees outside of your situation, and He knows who you should become. God knows everything, but He still lets you make your own decisions. Why? Because He loves you and wants you to love Him in return. Love is a choice, a decision that you make. If there is no choice then there is no love.

Because God knows all and loves you, you can trust Him to tell you what is right. When you love God, you do what He says.

So when you love and keep your eyes on God and do what is right, your decisions will be better. No matter what horrible things happen, you will be who you should because you listen to God.

You have a situation. The same situation that makes a hero can also make a villain. You have a choice. What are you going to do with it?