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Every once in a while I see and hear people saying something along the lines of, “Please hurry and come back, Lord Jesus!”

But I don’t know if every person who says that actually knows what that means. Are we really ready for that? Are we ready to be done right now? There are still people who need to hear about Jesus before He gets here!

God is giving people plenty of time to hear about Jesus, but at the same time Jesus is going to come whether we’re all ready for Him or not. What’s He going to find when He comes? Are we going to be busy doing what He told us to do, or are we going to be sitting and looking up at the sky doing nothing?

We have no idea when Jesus is coming. God is the only One who knows. So since we don’t know and can’t do anything about it, shouldn’t we be doing what Jesus told us to do for as long as we live? We may never see Jesus coming in this life. Then again He could come today. The question is, are we ready? Or rather, are we telling people about Jesus and constantly showing them what He is like?

We need to go and spend all that we are for the cause of Jesus Christ! Ready or not, He’s coming!