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I’ve always liked writing, and I’ve almost always taken notes. I’ve recently realized just how many notes I take, and just how many I’ve kept. These notes are everywhere: on paper, on my computer, on my phone! Some of these notes are important pieces of life advice. Some of them are funny jokes and puns I found or made up. Some of them are combo advice and joke. Some of them are pieces of stories. Some of them are the beginnings of thoughts that I intend to think more about and expand upon. Some of them are questions that I need and want to study and answer. Some of them are bits of daily life that I keep track of. Some of them are notes from sermons I’ve listened to. Some of them are prayer requests. Some of them are Bible study notes.

Whatever the notes, sometimes I open them up and review them. I have perspective now that I didn’t when I first wrote those notes, and I had perspective then that I might not have now. Looking back and noticing progress is good. Looking back to remember things is good.

Keeping and reviewing notes can help you see progress over time. Sometimes when you look back on daily notes or journaling you can see progress in how things have been going in your life. Sometimes you can see how God works over time through prayer request notes. If you keep notes on exercise and/or diet, you can see progress there. At times you might see how much your penmanship is improving or not. You might even find a memory that you haven’t thought of in a while, or a bit of something you didn’t know you needed.

Writing Things Down
Writing Notes