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God rigged a lot of things in humanity’s favor from the very beginning.

God set up an entire planet so perfectly balanced to support life that we don’t just survive on it, we thrive. He set Earth in a great viewing spot to see a lot of other planets and stars. He set up our solar system just right so Earth would be in the perfect spot for the perfect environment. He set up physics and built mathematical constants into the universe so that it works and so that we can make sense of it. God gave us more things to look at and explore than we may ever get around to finding. And that’s just a little bit of the physical stuff!

God has also made sure that we are all able to notice that He exists. Each thing He has made has patterns and apparent design, from the huge movements of planets and stars to the intricate details of a single atom and everything in between. God even set up non-physical, abstract concepts to work along similar rules as physical ones so we can make sense of them. He built metaphors for us so we can notice important things about Him and what He’s done. Some of them are written throughout the Bible, and some of them are even in our own natural human relationships, like good friendships and healthy family structure. God has even made sure that we all have a sense of something beyond our mere physical surroundings. He gave us a sense that He exists, moral awareness, self-awareness, volition, and the ability to notice and decipher the patterns, designs, and metaphors He’s laid out for us.

God has also given us a lawful way out of the punishment we deserve. He knew we’d sin and that we’d need a Savior to pay the sin-debt that we can’t pay ourselves, and He had it set up before we even needed it! Sin must be punished, but for us to be punished we’d have to be separated from God forever, so for us to get out of that separation, someone else had to take punishment. That’s why Jesus lived, died, and rose again. Now all we have to do is agree with God about our condition and claim the mercy He has offered.

God has rigged so many things in our favor, from life to death and beyond!