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We often talk about the need to be saved. But why is it a need? I need to be saved? Saved from what?

Until you know that you need saving and until you know from what you are being saved, rescue sounds unnecessary and even stupid. Why should someone rescue me when I’m just fine?

We must be saved from sin. What’s sin? Anything and everything we do that is against God’s character and is offensive to Him. God is ultimate goodness and ultimate holiness. Anything that is not good and holy is not allowed in His presence. By His character He cannot allow sin to continue indefinitely.

Now lest one think that God is being unfair, take a look at how good God actually is and all the bad that sin does to us.

God created us knowing we’d mess up and reject Him by sinning. He also had a plan in place to rescue us from the ultimate punishment required for that sin. He has the power and the right to snuff out all life and start over like it never happened, but He loves us too much and wants us to have another chance. He loves us too much to just program us like robots without the choice to love Him back.

Sin is fun, but it doesn’t do anything good for you, especially not in the long run. Disobedience is fun, but if disobedience were rampant there would be no order and no respect for authority. Keeping things for yourself is fun and even convenient, but if no one ever shared then many people would die and much of what is hoarded would go bad or never get used. Messing around with other people’s relationships is fun, but then you wreck the stability of the lives of all involved, even those who have no say in it.

Because sin is fun, it’s like an addictive substance. You like to think you have control and can quit when you want, but in reality you have a habit that you cannot break on your own. Even on your best day you still sin, even if it’s just a little. You are bound to it like a slave and it is killing you slowly. Sin’s ultimate end effect is to separate you completely from God forever. You need help. So that’s why God set up a way out.

We all have a sin problem. God has a way to save us from it. It’s our choice to go to Him for help or to stay where we are. While even Christians still struggle with sin, we are not battling the addiction on our own. God is with us. God has rescued us from sin’s hold over us. We are in recovery and are saved from sin’s ultimate effect.