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Lately people are talking on and on about how you need to believe the science. You can’t argue with the science. Science knows what it’s talking about. Some people even say they believe in science, to the point that they are essentially putting it in the place of God whether they realize it or not.

Am I saying science is bad? No! Science when properly applied is what brings a greater understanding of how God built this world! It brings advancement and better quality of life for us! I am saying that we humans are in a constant learning process, and so science must be. We humans are constantly improving, regressing, and changing, so science is.

But science is a practice, not an infallible entity. It is the thing that we humans do to try figuring out how and why our physical world works – and only the physical part. The scientific method requires trial and error, and it requires people who disagree with each other. By nature science must make mistakes to find out what works, and why and when it does or doesn’t.

For all the good that’s come of it, science has been wrong plenty of times because we humans are often wrong – and certainly biased about what experiment results we accept. We used to think spontaneous generation was real because maggots and mice just appeared from things when we weren’t looking. We used to think blood-letting was a good medical practice because surely that’s how to get sickness out of the body. We used to think the coelacanth was extinct because we couldn’t find any live ones, then we found some. Science doesn’t know everything because we humans don’t know everything. Science is not infallible because we humans are fallible.

Yet so many people put so much faith and trust in science. Even when you don’t believe in God you must believe in something. By our very nature as humans we must put something in the “God-place” of our hearts, minds, and lives. It cannot stand empty; even abstractly, nature abhors a vacuum. I’ve noticed a lot of people putting science in that God-place, even people who do believe in God.

But though science changes, God does not. Though science cannot love and help you, God can! God is the One who made all the things that we little scientists look at and try to figure out. God is above science, and though you can catch a glimpse of Him through it, you must let Him lead you beyond it to really see who He is!