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As you enjoy family, friends, and food today, remember to be grateful that you have them. But don’t just be grateful to some nebulous nothingness. Be grateful to the God who gave you everything to enjoy. Even if your family is arguing about politics, sports, or how to cook the turkey, find the good in what’s going on, praise it, and be thankful for it.

God created you, and He did it on purpose. God has plans for you that are great beyond your imagination. God will always love you, no matter what you do. God will never lose interest in you. God will always supply your needs when you need them. If you are God’s child, then you are secure in your Father’s love and care. Run to your Father’s protective arms. He will wrap you in the best shield of protection you will ever know.

This kind of love, care, and kindness elicits a response of gratefulness. It pretty much demands a response of gratefulness.

You are secure. Be grateful in it. Show someone else what it looks like.

Happy Thanksgiving!