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Humans have an obsession with perfection. We have an idea of what it is, and we look for it constantly. We seek to have perfection, and we seek to be perfect.

But we have a couple problems: Our own ideas of true perfection are flawed, and we can’t achieve true perfection anyway.

God is perfect. God and only God is perfect. He is ultimate Good and ultimate Love. He is ultimate Justice and ultimate Mercy. He is God. He put within us the notion that there is perfection, and He is the only one who meets the standard of perfection. He is the standard. He is perfection. He is what we’re looking for.

But when we push God out of our thinking and out of our lives, we begin to look for perfection elsewhere. But we can’t find it elsewhere, and we will only meet with disappointment. Honestly, it is unfair and wrong to expect perfection from those who are literally unable to achieve it.You can’t be perfect. I can’t be perfect. No one else around you can be perfect.

But God already is perfect. He’s been perfect since before any human discovered the concept of perfection. Look to Him and let Him save you. Let Him lead you. The One who is perfect will never disappoint you.