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God frequently does things in ways that we humans find backwards. But this is God we’re talking about, so though these things seem odd they all completely work. A few Scripture references that come to mind: 1 Corinthians 1:18-29 (especially vs. 27), 2:14, 3:19.

God loves those who do not love Him at all. He loves us so much, that Jesus Christ, God Himself, suffered and died for sins He didn’t commit so we wouldn’t have to pay the price ourselves. Upon accepting the terms, we get more out of this deal than the God who created us does. The God who can do whatever He wants has rigged it in our favor.

When you get saved, you become a citizen of a country you’ve never been to or seen. You also become a representative, a diplomat of sorts, for that country and its King.

God frequently calls people to do things for which they don’t yet feel equipped. He often only fully equips people once they’ve already in faith accepted the assignment.

As a Christian I am heading for a home I’ve never experienced, but once I get there I will be more at home than I’ve ever been in my life.

We are more free as God’s servants than we ever are doing what we want without Him.