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The sermon last night was about surrendering to God, and my mind went quite a few places. Here is a bit of where it went.

Sometimes in life you will have to surrender something to God more than once. Say someone has committed a serious offense towards you. You need to forgive them, so you surrender the problem and the pain to God. But then you find that you’ve taken it back, or that it hurts badly again. You need to forgive once more. So you again surrender it to God. This may only need to happen once or twice, or sometimes many more. Just remember to surrender it to God each time, and over time it will bother you less, even until it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Sometimes when you say you’ve surrendered your life to God, you’ve only given Him parts of it. Partial surrender is not surrender. You may surrender all at once, you may find that you surrender one piece at a time, but don’t stop surrendering. You may take some of the pieces back and need to surrender again, but never be afraid to surrender to God.

Let’s talk about a harder one. We’re okay with surrendering our eternity to God when we receive salvation, but then we don’t surrender our today. We don’t surrender our tomorrow. We don’t surrender our time. We don’t surrender our convenience. We don’t really surrender ourselves and all that we are. God loves us, so why don’t we act like it and simply give Him what is His? Why don’t we let Him use us in the best way? Why don’t we surrender to God?

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