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I keep a small notebook with me all the time, so if I hear something good or interesting I can write it as soon as I hear it. I wanted to share some of it today from different places.

You must come to Christ yourself. God has no spiritual grandchildren.

All means all, and that is all that all means.

Life is a symphony. God is the Composer and the Conductor.

We enter into God’s symphony to play the part assigned to us. The musician follows what has already been written. Keep your eyes on the Conductor! While at times your part may seem boring and mundane, it does contribute to the beauty of the symphony as a whole. You are a piece of a beautiful puzzle!

Never be too proud to say, “I’m sorry.”

While God saves you as you are, He does not leave you as you are!

You can do nothing of eternal value without Christ.

To know God is to have Him rub off on you.