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In ladies’ Bible study last week, we were learning about Jesus saying “I AM the Good Shepherd.” We learned about what shepherds in Israel did and where they would take their sheep. We got to see what the terrain looked like.

The mountains are great vantage points, yet the shepherd knows better than to lead the sheep straight upwards. The sheep can’t march straight up, and they could die if the shepherd made them do so. He leads them in circles up around the mountain or in a zig-zag path so the climb is easier.

The shepherd leads his sheep into valleys as well. That is actually where it is greenest. The good grass and the water are down there. But the shepherd knows that if a storm is coming the sheep need to get out of the valley, or the coming waters will flood the streams and drown the sheep. He knows when to lead them into the valley and when to lead them out of it.

Wherever the shepherd leads his sheep, he knows what he’s doing. The sheep might not always know what’s happening, but as long as they follow the shepherd they will be safe. The shepherd takes them to green pastures where the grass is good. He takes them to still water where they won’t be frightened or swept away. He leads them wherever they need to be. At night when he puts them in the sheep fold, he sits in the opening of the fence as the gate. The shepherd takes good care of his sheep.