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Last night at church a man from Lebanon talked about God’s work in Lebanon and preached from God’s word. I learned a lot, some stuff that I need to know and think about. But here are just a few of the notes that I took and things that I learned from the preaching:

When God tells us to do something, we often look at our resources and what we can do. But it isn’t about us! It is about God!

Love your enemy and do not be afraid of the threat they can pose to you!

God will take care of you, don’t worry! Nothing can touch you until God says it’s time!

Don’t sit back in your comfortable stronghold and tell people, “Jesus loves you.” Go show people how Jesus loves! Go live with them, work with them, cry with them, die with them!

Jesus called us all to go. We may not all be called to a far place, but we are all called to fulfill the Great Commission (see Acts 1:7-11).

So now I sum up to myself what I learned and get Scripture references: Love your enemy (see Matthew 5:43-45), don’t be afraid because God takes care of you (see Matthew 10:28-31), and go show people how Jesus loves (see the Bible), because Jesus called you to go (see Acts 1:8).