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I’ve been sick lately, and it has been very frustrating – sinus pressure to the point of balance issues, sweating for no external reason, muscle fatigue over little exertion. I haven’t been this sick in a long time, but at least I’m feeling better today! I realize I’ve not had a major, life-altering event or an epiphany, I have just begun to learn something this week.

I don’t like being suboptimal. I don’t like being restricted from things that I can normally do just fine. I’ve found myself talking to God about it, asking for patience and grace so I don’t get too upset. It has gotten me thinking a bit about my mortality. I haven’t felt like I’m going to die, but I have felt some limitations that may be like ones that creep up on me naturally as I age. Hopefully I’ll handle them with more grace and less frustration than I have this week. Maybe I’ll age slowly enough to just get used to it as I go. Either way, I know that I have God to ask for help.

Being mortal has its limitations. As a young whipper-snapper, I haven’t felt many yet, but I realize there are limitations, and more will come. Regardless of age and health, God is aware of our mortality and the limitations thereof. God always has these in mind when interacting with us, so we don’t have to worry about Him asking us to do more than He will help us handle. No matter how easy or difficult life gets, God is always there with sufficient grace!