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When I was little I saw that people who were good at something were told they should go to school for it. Someone good at art was told, “Hey, this is really good. You should take art classes.” Someone good at singing was told, “You have a gorgeous voice, you should take voice lessons.”

As a kid this sounded strange to me. Why should someone go to school or take classes and lessons if they were already good at something? But as I got older I began to understand. Just because you are good at something doesn’t mean you’re as good as you can be. You haven’t reached your best. If you’re good just on your own, imagine how good you would be if you sharpened your skills.

I also learned that your skills aren’t doing anyone any good (except maybe you) if you don’t share them. I’ve always been shy, so when I was told I should play piano in front of people I didn’t like the idea. But if God gave you a talent then you should use it for Him. Whatever God tells you to do with it, you do it. God gave the talent to you in the first place, it isn’t originally from you. Skills and talents are for God’s glory, not yours. They are for God’s enjoyment, not yours. While you certainly can get a lot out of it, it isn’t for you.

So let God use the talents and skills that He gave you, and sharpen them so that they’re better when He does use them. You’ll find that the better God can use you, the more you will also enjoy things.