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When I think of a miracle, I typically think of something good instantaneously happening that normally wouldn’t have. I think of something exciting, and maybe even last minute. I think of the miracles Jesus did when healing people. Most of those happened instantly, and the ones that didn’t happen right away didn’t take long to fully accomplish.

But sometimes God doesn’t do fast miracles. I was reminded of this in the sermon last night while a missionary preached about the parting of the Red Sea.

When God told Moses to raise his rod to part the Red Sea, the sea didn’t just dramatically part right away. God sent an east wind to blow all night (Exodus 14:21). And if I’m reading “east wind” correctly and looking at my maps right, this means the Red Sea parted from the opposite side that the Children of Israel were on, and they had to wait for the full part to reach them. But the whole time God was protecting them (Exodus 14:19-20).

God doesn’t always work fast miracles in our lives. Sometimes we need the patience to wait for the slow miracles. But rest assured that God will keep you well while you’re waiting!