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I’m writing this on Sunday night after church. I can’t even sit down to eat because I have so much in my head!

It has been a rather eventful yet very fun-filled Sunday. I was the only teacher in the 2 and 3 year old class this morning and taught about Noah’s Ark, I had a passionate discussion in the orchestra room with a fellow Star Wars geek about the impossibility of cloning a Jedi, I heard a sermon about consulting with God when planning your future, and tonight I heard from a missionary to Lebanon about being willing to die for Jesus and how God provides when He tells you to go.

The Noah’s Ark lesson went well and uneventfully, but the rest of my thoughts for today are all over the place!

After that Star Wars discussion (complete with references upon request), I thought about how much I really want to be more knowledgeable and passionate about Jesus than I am about Star Wars. So far I think I’m doing that. If you notice I’m not, call me out on it.

During the morning sermon, I took quite a few notes. Here are some of them:

“Whether you realize it or not, God is involved in your life. Have you consulted Him about your future?”

Truths Concerning Your Plans for the Future:

1.) God’s plans overrule our plans. (Prov. 16:1)
We may make our own plans, but God has the last word! He knows what’s best and right!

2.) Our plans often need adjusting and correcting. (Prov. 16:2)
We can be easily deceived into thinking that we are right.

3.) Surrender your plans to God and trust Him. (Prov. 16:3)
Here, to commit means to roll. Roll your burden to God. Imagine you are pushing a boulder up a hill, and God is on the other side pulling it up the hill for you.

4.) Our plans must line up with God’s purpose. (Prov. 16:4)
God knows right where to place us. He knows just how to make us.

God’s General Purpose for Our Lives:

1.) Bring glory to God.
2.) Live righteously as His children.
3.) Walk in His love.
4.) Discover and use the spiritual gifts and talents God has given us.
5.) Be people of character. 2 Tim. 4:7

Now on to tonight’s sermon. My take-aways:

What are you afraid of? Persecution is part of the game. Besides, God has ALL the power over EVERYTHING. Nothing can touch you unless God says it can.

Are you willing to die for Jesus?

Love people and let them know who you belong to. They will find Jesus to be irresistible.

When God tells you to go, you GO! He will provide for you because He wants you there!

Okay, those are my thoughts. (Insert audible sigh.) I just needed to get them out. Thank you for taking a look at them.