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When I’m outside at night, I look up at the stars. Sometimes I look for a long time.

That’s when I think about how big the universe is, about how many stars, planets, galaxies, and unkown things are out there. I think about how much vast, open space is all around the tiny planet on which I exist.

And then I feel very, very, tiny. Miniscule and inconsequential. Why should something so small be important or even noticeable within all this vastness?

Then I think about my Creator, and about how He created all of this vastness. Why did He make everything so big? And how big and how great is He, to have done all this? Why would I have any of His attention at all, when He has so many other beautiful things? I don’t even deserve any attention; I’m a horrible person. So maybe I would be glad if He didn’t notice me.

But I wouldn’t ultimately be very glad. I would ultimately be lost, empty, and cold. I would be painfully starving and desperately thirsty for something that I wouldn’t even know. I would never know what it is like to be loved unconditionally, and I wouldn’t learn how to love anyone else that way. I would never go to Heaven. I might never meet God at all.

But God created us on purpose. He created me on purpose. He created you on purpose. He pays attention to us because He loves us. He sees into all the beautiful, terrifying vastness that He has made, and looks at us.

And then I feel so, so much tinier.

But I also feel so, so much safer.

God in His terrifying bigness pays attention to me because He loves me. He is big, and strong, and so dangerous. But I feel safe. He holds me in His hands and keeps me safe there because He is good and He loves me.

So while I could be scared – while I could be absolutely terrified – I’m not. I still feel so very tiny, but I also feel so very safe.