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This post was supposed to go up Monday, but I missed it. I will be posting again tomorrow to keep up!

In Colossians 3:16, we are told that the word of Christ is to dwell, to live, in us richly. Last Sunday night in the sermon, I heard a metaphor about this that I’ve never heard before then.

Look at a cow. It chews it’s cud. The food that the cow has already eaten is brought back up to be chewed on and enjoyed again. The food comes back up because it was already in the cow. This is how God’s word should be with us. It should be in us, so we can bring it up again when we need it.

We should bring God’s word back up to enjoy it, but it must be in us first in order to be brought back up.

This is a good metaphor. I’m actually quite amused by it! It may be a little odd to some, but I like it. It gave me something to… chew on.