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I wonder all the time. But not everything all the time, since that would overload my brain. But I do wonder a lot of different things at a lot of different times. I’ve tried to shorten the list so you don’t have to sit here and read for hours.

I wonder what God looks like.

I wonder what Heaven looks like.

I wonder what angels look like.

I wonder how God is completely sovereign yet He still gave us humans free will.

I wonder what a celebration in Heaven looks like when someone accepts salvation (Luke 15:4-10). I wonder how sad God is when someone dies without accepting salvation, and how He expresses that. Does He cry?

I wonder how happy and how sad at the same time it must make God to love so many people at once (John 3:16-17).

I wonder how God forgets my offenses when He forgives me.

I wonder just how big the universe is, and what God calls all the stars (Psalm 147:4).

I wonder just how God makes a soul for each baby that is conceived. I wonder how He weaves together an entire human being – body, soul, spirit, mind, emotions, all of it (Psalm 139:13-16).

I wonder what Lazarus doing while his body was in the tomb before Jesus came to resurrect him. “Wait, I’m going back now?”

I wonder and shudder to think what it was like when God put the sin of the world on Jesus as He died. I wonder what Jesus did while His body was in the tomb. I’m sure He was in Heaven, but what was that like? “You’re back! I know you have to leave again soon, but that loving expression you just did… that was amazing! And you’re not even done yet!”

I wonder what it was like for Jesus to become a man. Was He ever frustrated with the limitations of a body? How did it feel when it happened? How much did He know as an infant? I don’t understand the full implications and details of what it means for God Himself to literally leave Heaven to get into the gross dirt with us. That’s some wondrous love right there.

Now do I have to understand all of these things? No. Will I understand all of these things? No. But if I could understand everything about God and what He does, that wouldn’t make Him much of a God, would it? I am a finite created being, it is not possible for me to fully comprehend the ultimate and infinite Creator. Is it wrong to wonder? No, just as long as I don’t obsess over things that are not mine to understand, and as long as I trust the God who knows exactly what’s going on at all times. God never wonders.