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When you sing a song to God, you are praising and worshiping. While this is not the only way to praise or worship, it is a good way to do these. But sometimes we sing songs so much that their meanings are lost. We know what the words mean, we just don’t really think about them.

Have you ever just looked at they lyrics of a song without the music? Read it as if it is a poem, or even as if it is just sentences in a book. Don’t sing the words, just read them. Try it out loud.

Grace is amazing. God is and will be my vision. This world is my Father’s. Please do give me Jesus. Jesus does love me. There is a fountain flowing deep and wide. God is the Gentle Shepherd.

You can do this to dig into the meaning of any song, including ones that weren’t made specifically for praising God. But please do try this. Then go try a variation on this and read the Bible afresh! It’s awesome!