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Some things are special because there is nothing else like them, or if there are others, there aren’t many.

Some things are special because we don’t get to see or have them all the time.

Some things are special because someone we love gave it to or made it for us.

Whatever the reason for something being special, it’s often because it isn’t typical or common. It means something more than the everyday, normal things in our lives. It’s different.

But I have found that when a special thing becomes more common or regular, it becomes less special. There are certain snacks and candies that I like, but if I have them all the time instead of occasionally, they lose their luster. They aren’t special anymore, and sometimes I even get tired of them.

That’s why I sometimes think it’s good that big, extraordinary things don’t happen to us all the time. If special things become commonplace, they mean less and stop being special.

But remember there are some things that are special even when you don’t feel like they are. Don’t let the good things God has done for you lose their luster. Don’t get so used to something that you forget how special it really is.

May I never get so used to God’s love that I take it for granted. May I never get so used to the story of redemption through Jesus that I don’t think it important. May I never get so used to the Holy Spirit within me that I forget to listen.