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Someone recently talked to me about a visit to their chiropractor and what it was like. This got me thinking about other pieces of conversation I’ve had on chiropractics, spinal alignment, and muscle positions.

When you visit a chiropractor to get your spine (or part of it) fixed, it’s typically because things are not sitting the way they should – things are out of alignment. When this happens your muscles try to compensate. After a while when you get your spine all popped into place, your muscles aren’t used to things being straight so they need time to readjust. That’s why it sometimes takes more than one session.

So because I can see a metaphor in anything, this reminds me of Christian life. When you get saved, you are just beginning to get your core spiritual support aligned properly. This takes time and multiple sessions as your spiritual muscles adjust. When you are used to living and thinking a particular way and you are supposed to be getting things aligned properly now, it takes quite a bit of adjustment. But don’t worry, it feels really good when things are sitting in their proper alignment.