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I’ve gotten some interesting scam mail lately, which got me thinking about authenticity and verifying what’s real. Yep, I’m going to draw a parallel between spotting a scam in real life with spotting a scam from Satan. Scams can sometimes look very much like the real thing, but upon closer inspection and checking with the source, you can tell that an offer or bill isn’t real.

Some scams come with the name of a real company on them, maybe even the company you’re actually doing business with. The scam e-mail or letter might give you an official looking website link or a convincing address or phone number. One or more of those things might actually even be correct, but if you check with the actual information originally given to you by the company itself, and with the things made officially publicly available, you can find out the truth. By comparing information and/or by contacting that company and verifying with someone actually affiliated, you can know whether or not you are actually being made an offer or required to pay a bill.

Sometimes Satan will tempt you with a choice that looks like it might be God’s will. After all, it seems really good and it makes sense. You might even have some Biblical ground for considering it. But you can find out for sure by having a conversation with God Himself and consulting with the materials He gave you in the Bible. When tempting Jesus, Satan used Bible references, but Jesus pointed out the way the references were used were wrong, and gave further references that were correct (Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13). The thing that looks right isn’t always right. God has given you all the necessary tools and access to know for sure, and He will let you know if you take a moment to step back and verify with Him.