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I was going to give blood this morning, but as it happens sometimes, I didn’t meet the requirements. There is a set of standards that you must meet so that they know your blood is okay to give to others and that you won’t faint or have your heart stop while giving it.

Typically when I don’t meet a standard to give blood, it’s because the number for something about my blood is just barely too low. But it doesn’t matter how low it is, all that matters is that it’s too low. No exceptions. Too low is too low, even if it’s just a tiny bit. You or someone else could have health problems if you give blood when you don’t meet the standards.

That made me think about the standard that God has for us. If you thought the standards for giving blood were strict, God’s standard for our morality is even more strict. God is perfect and cannot and will not tolerate sin, so His standard is perfection.

Unfortunately we cannot meet that standard. If we could we wouldn’t have nearly as many problems – actually none at all. We’re in trouble. Fortunately Jesus met the standard for us. All we have to do is believe that and let God do what He has the right to do.