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In the Old Testament we find that God had some severe laws for the children of Israel concerning sin. Many sins were punishable by death, usually by stones. These days we don’t have such punishments for many of the things that would have warranted death long ago. But just because we don’t put people to death for the same things as in the Old Testament doesn’t mean that it’s all okay now, or that it’s all lesser now. It doesn’t mean that the same sins aren’t still just as big of a deal. God doesn’t change. He said this was a big deal before, it’s still that big of a deal now. Yes, we have grace and mercy through Jesus. But we should not be using that as an excuse (Romans 6).

Sin is still a big deal. But so is God’s love! In many places in the Old Testament we see God forgiving His people and saving them from their enemies. (If you want a quick read, skim through Judges.) In the New Testament through Jesus we see God forgiving people and saving us from our enemy. (See the Gospels.) God doesn’t change. He made a big deal of His love before, He makes a big deal of it now.

Our sin is a big deal. God’s love is an even bigger deal!