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I have recently found it interesting that many humans are quite patriotic, holding strong loyalty to their home countries and peoples. This isn’t necessarily bad, I just find it interesting that so many people from so many places have this tendency. I think it’s actually a function God put there. Holding loyalty to a leader, cause, and kingdom is a very natural thing for us to do, and when we point that loyalty to God, that is when this tendency is most correct and most fulfilled.

Many of us are proud of our countries, and many would even die for our lands and people. But when it comes to God, sometimes we don’t have that loyalty, even though we’re His citizens in His kingdom. We want God to bless our earthly kingdoms but we do nothing to further His kingdom, as if we aren’t part of it. We don’t actively and purposefully engage in our local churches or serve in our communities. We don’t actively and purposefully tell people about Jesus or invite them to gain this new citizenship with us.  We should be holding more loyalty to our Creator than to created things. Our ultimate citizenship is in God’s kingdom, not any earthly one. Let’s not misplace our patriotism and loyalty.