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As children of God we should pay attention to what our Father says to us. An enormous part of that means we need to know the Bible that God wrote. While we should read all of it, I don’t mean to say do it just once and never again. Reading the Bible regularly is important. The more you read it the more familiar you will be with the words of the One who saved you, and the¬†better you will know when you hear His voice. You will understand how He wants you to think and live. You will know God better when you read the description of Himself that He has given you.

But allow me to encourage you to go further. Study the Bible. While regular reading is good, it is even better to delve into what it all actually means. Sometimes when you look at the culture at the time of writing or at the original language being used, you find out that part of the Bible might not mean what you thought it did. You may find out it does mean what you thought, but it also means more. You may rediscover something you already knew. God may show you something new in something old that has deep implications for your life. God may even convict you.

Bible reading and Bible study take time and effort. But it will never be wasted as long as you are seeking God. Look for God’s will. Seek His guidance. Delve deep to know what else He wants you to do and think. Plunge in and learn. Who knows? You might even change!